Monday, November 12, 2012

MITL Engineering Night Feat. Parokya ni Edgar

November 8, 2012

From Left to Right: King, Gibelle, Grace, Mio, " Pretty Me", Rachelle, Lyn, Herli, Bounty, Richmond, Sharene, and Relyn
Cameraman: LJ Frias (a friend of mine also)
Before the Engineering Night starts, of course picture taking with friends is always present.

We're all fan of Parokya ni Edgar because of their well known songs. Parokya ni Edgar is my favorite local band except Eraserheads, it is because I'm a type of person who appreciate Tagalog songs rather than foreign songs. Music, isn't my personality, I'm not into singing ever since, but I know how to appreciate songs especially when its Tagalog. I love local songs because for me Filipino singers, sang from the bottom of their heart. I can feel all the emotions, feelings, and sincerity when they sang. 

Some of the faculty members, played some songs before the main event. Talented professors are we've got! Amazing!

Sir Aquino, my Calculus II professor. 

Sir Henry Paz, my DRAW021 professor and the Drummer, Sir Sison, my PHY023 Lab. professor

The Main Event

So, let's get in on! \m/

Alfonso "Chito" Miranda, Jr., The Lead Vocalist

Chito with the Lead Guitarist, Darius Gerard "Dar" Semaña

Chito with Buhawi "Buwi" Meneses, Bass Guitarist

Chito with The Drummer, Ferdinand "Dindin" Moreno (Handsome, crushhhhh)

Chito with Gabriel Ignatius "Gab" Chee Kee, Rhythm Guitarist/ Vocalist
I love it, when Gab, sang "Your Song." It's one of my favorite songs. I just remember something with that song, highschool days. Hahahaha!

Unfortunately, we didn't got the chance to meet Francis Vincent "Vinci" Montaner, former member of the band.

Rock 'n' Roll Malayans! See how we enjoyed the whole night. Thanks to the Student Council who organized the Engineering Night! Job well done!

Had so so much fun, especially when they played some of my favorite songs. Harana, is my favorite songs above all. The story behind that song is simply because I once dreamed that someday someone would come to our house late at night and make "Harana" of me. Hahaha! I'm not kidding, that's the real and true story why I love that song. And until now, I'm still waiting for someone who will sincerely do that only for me. True love maybe. Hahahahaha! Lolsss. :DDD

Note: I don't personally owned the photos I used.
Credits to Malia Olivera, Lawrence John Frias, and Kenneth Ordoñez for the photos.
Credits also to the persons in the photos.

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