Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bloggers United 5 Stuffs

Hi guys and gals! I just want to share the stuffs I got from the Bloggers United 5 last June 1, 2013. Sorry for the late post. Forgive me for being so lazy to update. Maybe I need followers to keep me motivated to post or blog. Hahaha!

Before anything else, lemme show you first my outfit last BU5. I'm not yet a pro in styling my outfits so please forgive me. I decided to wear comfy clothes   so that I can shop comfortably.

 By the way, say hello to Kuya 1, Kuya 2 and Kuya 3! Hahaha! Photobombers! LOL :D

Sorry for the face! Hahaha! I look so haggard na kasi diyan e.

White Top- H&M
Red Short Pants- Random Boutique Store
Blue Studded Flat Shoes- MNJ (Divisoria)
Bag- Parisian

Okay! Moving on, here are the stuffs I got at the Bloggers United 5:


Black Skater Skirt (Php250) and White Top (Php250)- I think it's not pre-loved that's why it is not that cheap like others. I can't remember who owns the booth were I bought this 2 items. Sorry! But I think it's from a random online shop booth since their items are all new (I guess).

Nick Automatic Shirt (Php100)- I'm not sure if I got this at Aivan Magno's Booth haha

Pull and Bear Blouse- Got this at Honey Andrade's Booth and I'm sure of that 'cause it is my first item that I bought at the BU5 haha

Spiked Bracelet (Php50)- I think I bought this at Camille Co's booth

Skull Ring (Php50)- Ahm, I think it's from Laureen Uy's Booth haha

Double Finger Ring (Php50)- Again I'm not sure if I bought this at Lissa Kahayon's Booth haha

Godiva Gift Pack- My prize on the Bring Me Game

DIVA Mug- I got this at their booth! You just have to register your name and then you'll pick a paper in the fish bowl to see what prize you got

Sad to say but I didn't got to buy a pair of shoes. Babawi na lang ako next BU! Hahaha! I'm so excited for the next Bloggers United! Paghahandaan ko talaga ng sobra yun! Haha.

And that's all! Thanks for reading!

Kim :*


  1. That is so cool!!! I need to go to one of these events!

    1. Yes, you should! Hope to see you there next time! By the way, thanks for reading. Hope you could follow me here. God bless! :)


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