Saturday, June 22, 2013

White Top x Jeans

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” 
― Dr. Seuss

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

DIY: Dyed Ombre Shoes

Hi guys and gals! Welcome to my first ever DIY post! Don't hesitate to try this because you'll surely have funin creating your own design and it is very easy to do. I decided to make this DIY Ombre Shoes because I don't want to just throw my old white shoes in the trashcan and waste the money I spent for that shoes. (Sayang noh!) And I also wanted to wear it in school not just a simple white shoes but a cool/fashionable shoes! Haha. Well, moving on, I really hope that you'll like it and please bare with me for the poor step-by-step tutorial that I will be going to show.

So, let's get it on!

Here are the things you need for the project:

  •  Old White Shoes - Mine is an old Advan White Shoes but you can also use new shoes if you want. (White sneakers is much better for this project)

  • Fabric Dye Powder or Liquid- For this project, I used Rainbow colors. (Tip: You can try any fading colors like light blue to dark blue, something like that)

  • Water (with containers)- In dying fabric, hot water is recommended.

  • Paint Brush- You can also used sponge or syringe to dye the shoes even dip-dye will do too.



Step 1: Prepare all the things you needed.

Step 2: Mix the Dye Powder and the water. (The color to used is based on your desired color for the shoes.)

Note: Mix all the color you needed before starting to dye so that it would be easy for you to dye continuously.

Step 3: Dye the shoes using the brush. Start on the front of the shoes with the color you preferred up to the last color you want until it reaches the back of the shoes.

Note: Brush/dye carefully! As much as possible, try to make it clean for a better result.

Step 4: Let it dry under the sun.

Looks pretty right? But wait until it is dry.

I love it!

And when the shoes are already dry, the color will fade a li'l bit. Like this:

Sorry to disappoint you for that! But don't worry because if you wanted it to be darker, you can use darker mixture of the dye you'll going to use. And don't let it dry under the sun for a better result!

Which is better? Lol, haha. Well, it is actually your choice if you wanted it to be in a pastel color or not. And for me, I prefer it to be in pastel color that's why it is lighter in result. I also want the Wet color but since it didn't turned out that way I just have to love the dry one. Hahaha!

Step 5: Wear the shoes with confidence!

And that's the end of the steps!



  • You can also add studs on your shoes if you want to
  • Or add glitters for the shoe base
  • And add anything that can make it more fashionable and awesome 



"Maintain the cleanliness"

Never ever leave your mess on your workstation unless you want to be scolded by your parents! Haha. After doing your project make sure to clean your DIY workstation to prevent you parent in getting mad at you.


That's all and thank you for dropping by and reading my DIY Ombre Shoes! Hope you like it!

Note: I accept comments and suggestions for the improvements of this project!

Watch out for my next DIYs!

Please follow my blog to keep me motivated for posting more interesting things or ideas I have.

God bless!

Kim :*

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bloggers United 5 Stuffs

Hi guys and gals! I just want to share the stuffs I got from the Bloggers United 5 last June 1, 2013. Sorry for the late post. Forgive me for being so lazy to update. Maybe I need followers to keep me motivated to post or blog. Hahaha!

Before anything else, lemme show you first my outfit last BU5. I'm not yet a pro in styling my outfits so please forgive me. I decided to wear comfy clothes   so that I can shop comfortably.

 By the way, say hello to Kuya 1, Kuya 2 and Kuya 3! Hahaha! Photobombers! LOL :D

Sorry for the face! Hahaha! I look so haggard na kasi diyan e.

White Top- H&M
Red Short Pants- Random Boutique Store
Blue Studded Flat Shoes- MNJ (Divisoria)
Bag- Parisian

Okay! Moving on, here are the stuffs I got at the Bloggers United 5:


Black Skater Skirt (Php250) and White Top (Php250)- I think it's not pre-loved that's why it is not that cheap like others. I can't remember who owns the booth were I bought this 2 items. Sorry! But I think it's from a random online shop booth since their items are all new (I guess).

Nick Automatic Shirt (Php100)- I'm not sure if I got this at Aivan Magno's Booth haha

Pull and Bear Blouse- Got this at Honey Andrade's Booth and I'm sure of that 'cause it is my first item that I bought at the BU5 haha

Spiked Bracelet (Php50)- I think I bought this at Camille Co's booth

Skull Ring (Php50)- Ahm, I think it's from Laureen Uy's Booth haha

Double Finger Ring (Php50)- Again I'm not sure if I bought this at Lissa Kahayon's Booth haha

Godiva Gift Pack- My prize on the Bring Me Game

DIVA Mug- I got this at their booth! You just have to register your name and then you'll pick a paper in the fish bowl to see what prize you got

Sad to say but I didn't got to buy a pair of shoes. Babawi na lang ako next BU! Hahaha! I'm so excited for the next Bloggers United! Paghahandaan ko talaga ng sobra yun! Haha.

And that's all! Thanks for reading!

Kim :*

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bloggers United 5

 Carpe Diem

This is my very first time to attend this huge shopping affair hosted by the famous bloggers in the Philippines. And t'was really a blast! I had so so much fun and experience to treasure. I can't really find a right word to describe how much I enjoyed the event but Carpe Diem. ('Cause you really have to seize the day)

I love shopping especially when it is in sale or in low price and Bloggers United 5 didn't fail me! Even if I don't have enough money for shopping that time, I've still bought a lot of stuffs. I'm so glad that I've already met almost all of the famous bloggers in the country. Thanks to all of them for their ticket giveaways and because of that I'm at the BU5! Yes, I'm one of the lucky reader who won free tickets two times!

I joined #4pics1blogger and Enciso Sisters' Giveaway


And now, lemme show you some photos at the BU5.

Stuffs from David Guison's booth

  Shopping Galore!

Bloggers Gelo Arucan and Kelly Medina at the stage (Emcee)

 Shop, shop, shop!!!

The bloggers played Bring Me and I joined  so I won a Godiva Giftpack! (Thanks to my white top for helping me win haha)

We had our lunch at Bon Chon.

 Meet the bloggers
(Visit their blogs by clicking their names)

With the friendly Honey Andrade 

With the lovely Dani Baretto

With our Babe Mikyle Quizon, (Hahaha, just kidding) he is Dani's Babe actually

With the good-looking David Guison

With the super nice Tracy Ayson

With the beautiful Lissa Kahayon

With the dainty Cheyser Pedregosa

With the pleasing Bestie Konisis

With the handsome Seph Cham

With the beauty queen Maggie Wilson

With the stunning Kryz Uy

With the charming Verniece Enciso

With the admirable Bea Benedicto

With the graceful Aisa Ipac

With the angelic Arnie Villanueva

With the splendid Kookie Buhain

With the marvelous Kelly Medina

With the ravishing Yves Camingue

With the magnificent Paul Chuapoco

With the elegant Stephanie Dy

With the glorious Ava Te-Zabat


With the fantastic Gelo Arucan

With the delightful Ana Gonzales

With the gorgeous Laureen Uy

With the dazzling Nicole Anderson

With the alluring Alyssa Lapid and fabulous Danika Rio Navarro

With the enticing Sarah Tirona

With the classy Vern Enciso

With the fascinating Divine Lee

And with the suave and the coolest Aivan Magno

Ms. Honey Andrade is one of the most friendly blogger we've met.

Thanks to Ms. Alyssa Lapid and Ms. Danika Rio Navarro for being so nice to us!

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture with Camille Co and Patricia Prieto. Patricia didn't make it to the event and Camille was cornered by a lot of readers when she arrived.

Meet my awesome friends/ shopping buddies

My friends and I went home with a big smiles in our face. And we're looking forward for the next Bloggers United. And for that, we'll surely bring more money for shopping! Haha.

From left to right: King, Herli, Bounty, Rachelle, Me, Alyssa, and Dannah

From left to right: Herli, Bounty, Rachelle, Me, Alyssa, Dannah, and Danica

See how crowded the venue is? Yeah, and with that I therefore conclude that the Bloggers United 5 was a success! Congrats to all the bloggers who stayed late at night just to make this event happen. You guys really did a great job! Hope to see you all again.. soon!

For my co-readers/shopper: You guys should go to he next BU and experience the spectacular interactive shopping affair of the famous bloggers! Go save money and shop until you drop on the next Bloggers United! Superb day!

Thanks for reading!

Credits to Dannah Alayon for some of the photos I used

Kim :*

Images by Freepik