Maria Kimberly Garin (Kim) is a 20 year old amateur blogger from Calamba City, Laguna of the Philippines. She loves to browse blogs from the country especially the famous ones, so it inspired her and decided to start blogging also. At first, she tried blogging on Tumblr and now she switched to this kind of blogging.  She wanted to share her hidden talents in fashion design, a li'l bit in interior design, and in styling. Kim has a lot of big dreams in life just like other people.


Kim is a good friend. She is very sentimental and sometimes emotional. She can be easy to be with, quite bubbly, and sometimes jolly. She value her friends so much. She has this infinite love to her family and to our almighty God. She believes that "everything happens for a reason." Faith in God is the reason why she keeps moving on despite of all the trials and challenges in life.

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